The Changing Face of Charleston

A contemporary art installation at the Waterfront Gallery in Charleston, South Carolina.

Change is unceasing; from the intimate corners of the soul to the boundless limits of the universe, the quality of these spaces are as mutable as the ethereal (sky, )and even my life breath: calm breeze, fresh wind, or gusty whirlwind, inhaling or exhaling, quietly singing and blowing or violently moaning or heaving.

The very same wall that may disappear entirely when submerged in the morning mist can seem as substantial as a mountain under the sun. Figure and ground become equivocal on the surface of the object: an infinite variety of possible situations belonging to one inextricable and nameless continuum.

They are linked only by the fluid pace of our existence, woven into a tapestry of varied, shifting scenes with a single imperceptible thread.