Excited to be apart of Awakening at 1600 meeting street and FINALLY collaborate with Vassiliki. The saturday show was an incredible event for the charleston contemporary art scene: http://enoughpie.org/awakening/


In awakening this building….

We imagine hatching ideas within. An idea in an existing idea is a typical (indeed necessary) concept although in this instance the difference is how. It is overt. The existing is loaded with meaning and history, it is powerful in form and presence, and it is an abandon container ripe for filling. We intend to capture this moment by placing a ‘home’ into this shell of a building, breathing new life and awakening past memories.

We imagine the idea of home to be multilayered and complex. It is the rich tapestry of our lives, full of stories, visions, clutter, hopes, failures, transformations, triumphs, dreams, chores, aging and renew. It is in a constant state of change.

We imagine collaboration and dialogue. Between artist and architect; building and art; installation and context; history and potential futures. This proposal is a collaboration between an artist /educator and an architect.

We imagine creating a mobile on wheels as a metaphor for home. Precariously balanced to support and be supported by the floor, walls and ceiling. It will take root and form a symbiotic relationship between existing and new.

We imagine inserting a ‘nest’ into an abandon room. Growing from the site itself and attached to the existing walls, questioning if the room is supporting the piece or vice versa.

We imagine a paradox of geometric and organic forms with structure made of wood, metal and fasteners. Woven through this structure will be recycled plastic, plants, found objects, pieces from the site and elements to convey the nature of a transient home.

We imagine the room to evoke feelings of anticipation, apprehension and intrigue. This object will have a dialogue with it’s context and the viewer will be required to become engaged with it upon entering.

We imagine integration of our stories. Into the awakening of this building and the continuous change of charleston.

Concept and installation by:  Vassiliki Falkehag and Kevan Hoertdoerfer