SECCA home/house

SECCA home/house

SECCA home / house

Competition 2002

The home is the most personal of dwell- ings, and architecture has the power to allow life to flourish.
SECCA’s Home House project competition is a welcomed direction for affordable housing in America. The submitted project is a drastic shift from traditional housing by its materials, construction method and sustainable systems.

The building systems in the house include a steel tube frame structure, pre-manufactured roof trusses, and building components that can be shop made for instant installation. All this adds up to a building that will be erected and enclosed in weeks, not months.
Simplicity in the building form reduces budget cost and allows for larger living spaces, higher quality materials and finishes and a better quality home in the end. It also allows the inhabitant to manipulate the bedroom/bathroom layout to best suit their needs and desires.
There is a rainwater recycling system for greywater and gardening use.
The solar system designed for this house is multi-functional – it heats and cools a home’s interior, warms it’s floors, and provides hot water. The system is wholly integrated within the home to bring optimum benefits; it’s easy to use; and it is environmentally sustainable.
The concept behind the solar system is remarkably simple. External air, having first inducted under the roof of the home through the air inlet, accumulates under the eaves where it is heated by glass panels installed on the roof. This air moves up into the roofs apex, from where it passes through a roof duct and a air handling unit, then into a main vertical duct and down the height of the house to a thermal storing concrete slab situated beneath the ground floor. The hot air also provides heat for the home’s hot water supply.
This is a new mode of building affordable housing: utilizing the latest technology, sustainable materials and systems, and in- volving the user.

Shelter is not only for the body, but the human spirit.